anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation. – edward r. murrow



m: ‘i’m finished with class and just working, so let me know when you’re ready to go.’

me: ‘come now!!!! )))’

m: ‘coming out now.’

(i shut down my computer, pack up, walk upstairs, chit chat with colleagues, look out the door for m – my loyal carpool partner. who works in our high school, while i work in our kindergarten. we coordinate schedules each day. our buildings are one minute away from each other. we share a campus. we share rides to and from school. we share a friendship and a level of understanding each other, developed over hours spent together in a car, as willing captive audience members. i mill around. chit chat some more. visit two classrooms. look out window. more time passes. i check my phone to see if she got waylaid along the way.)

i look down and see this:

m: ‘you drove. right?’



yes, yes i did.

i head to my car,

(without further milling or chatting or texting),

it’s waiting in my parking lot,

right where i left it this morning,

to pick up m.

we make eye contact.

m gets in the car.

we realize that each of us was waiting to be picked up by the other.

it could have been a very long wait.


one drove.

one did not.

we leave. we wind down from the day. we laugh.

one of us got confused today.

we don’t name names.

laugh ’til your meatballs fall apart.



     Author, Ermine Cnningham, ( known to wordpress bloggers as: Ermigal from ‘odds and ends from ermigal) – has written a wonderful and lively romp, “Pretend You Know What You’re Doing – My Voyage From Teacher to Humor Writer.” In this sweet and funny book, Ermine offers up her tale, a mix of prose and blog posts, chronicling the story of how she grew to be the hilarious and well-rounded, (in a positive Italian way), woman she is today. I was lucky enough to have an early read and am happy to invite you to share in the fun.

Her book is available through and

Laugh ‘Til Your Meatballs Fall Apart (My Amazon review below)

Ermine Cunningham, retired teacher, and now, humor writer, and woman of the world, has written this hilarious book that will keep you laughing from beginning to end. She chronicles her bumpy journey, through trial and error, into the worlds of teaching, corporate working, dating, being part of an Italian family and beginning her own family. Once she has mastered all of these, she finds herself in a completely new role, as a retiree, feeling her way through the world of volunteering, blogging, writer’s workshops, salsa dancing, and all sorts of new things. If you’re looking to laugh and to follow a positive and creative woman on her road trip through life, I highly recommend this book. You will not regret a second spent reading it, and you might even learn something, even if it’s just what not to do.


when christmas sweaters go really baaaaaaad.



       residents of omaha, nebraska saw something strange wandering their streets over the weekend: a sheep wearing a jolly christmas sweater. the festively-attired animal was captured by animal control and taken to the humane society. “here’s something we don’t see every day!” they posted on their facebook page along with a photo of the sheep. “if you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing christmas sweaters he’s here.”

       thankfully, the sheep—whose name is gage—has been reunited with his family. margaret, his owner, told NBC that gage is an indoor sheep and must have followed one of the family members out of the house and escaped from a fence that’s under construction. “i was looking for him, all worried for him,” she said. “it’s like losing my kid. i was all scared and didn’t know what to do.” the family has had gage for five months. “i’m glad he wasn’t eaten,” margaret said. “people eat these things this time of year.”

 “getting lost is just another way of saying ‘going exploring.”
― justina chen

credit: nbc omaha