and now….. a brief message from the universe.



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  1. That is so very, very, very true. I love it Beth. It is my opinion that everything we do effects everything else in the universe – we are all interconnected. As much as many people smile and nod when this subject is broached, it is astounding how few actually get this and realize that their smallest actions are known and impactful. Karma has a lot of different names in different societies but the concept runs through most cultures. Thanks for the post Beth.


    • thanks paul, and i so agree. no worries ever on spelling or grammar in my world, i read ‘kindergarten-ese’ on a regular basis and write in their style, creative spelling and all. )


  2. Oh, how fun! Karma’s looking over your shoulders, even when you are knee deep in the muck and if you are elbow deep in the cookie dough! smiles, Robin