nobody’s free until everybody’s free. – fannie lou hammer



found these two down the street

guess the price was too high

even with

that stripy, ratty love seat

thrown in as a bonus.

he who loves, flies, runs, and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back.

- henri matisse 

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28 responses

  1. Ha! That’s a great photo Beth! It was always such a rush to find somehthing I could afford when I was that age. Virtually everthing had to be run by my parents, but a whole couch that I could afford – what a find!

    I see the boys are becoming camera aware – a bit behind the little girl, but not bad. Ha! Extended exposure to Grandma Peaches can cause this condition.


  2. Awe…too cute.
    I’m up after reading a third of a new Stephanie Plum book…
    And my eyeballs are not co-operating in the ‘shut they self down’ mode.

    Also got a line on where my Sonja series might be going. Though it will take a while to get there.

    I’m guessing you are awake at this hour because you just got your little ones to sleep and need some quite time to yourself. But then again maybe it is just the middle of the afternoon instead of the middle of the night, for you?

    I’m going to try too puff my pillow and attempt to count sheep. Cheers, ~Jules


      • We need to bottle the energy of those younger little folks.
        Little Miss is one now and taking ten steps at a time before falling down. Son of Son is four and almost getting to the point where he knows more than me :)

        I do love it when they visit, but the house is so calm and peaceful when Mommy and Daddy take them home…


  3. Those Joeys do know how to hop about the neighborhood, don’t they, peaches? They are free spirits, it seems, in the best of the definition. Lucky you to have them this month, my friend.


  4. The photo was excellent, those precious and valuable children are certainly “Free” to be themselves! What a way to describe this and like the Henri Matisse quote, too! Happy times, Beth!