and today is the last day

for a while

that we all will be together

and we will share every minute of it

before heading on down the road

each in our own direction

and we know

we’ll find our way back together again

before too long

and i wish that this day could go on forever.

maximize every opportunity today. there is a lot of living and loving that can be done in 24 hours. 

- author unknown

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33 responses

  1. Enjoy this last day, I’m sure that you will. Hug them all close, telling them you love them and I’m sure you will meet them again soon. Try not to cry too much lovely xxx


  2. This is the hard part, but you have had so many lovely times, this is only the beginning of many more Peaches and her Gang episodes! Smiles and hugs, Robin


  3. Beth, you have my sympathies! I know all too well that feeling. Treasure their little lives in your heart, for that is where they are keeping their thoughts of you! :-)


  4. Bitter sweet times. You’ll always be with them in their hearts Beth – and they in yours.


  5. Every minute counts Beth. When I left my mum a couple of weeks ago, it broke my heart a little and each separation breaks it a little bit more. It was really difficult for her to watch her grandchildren walk away after a month together. We are too far away; continents apart…