when worlds collide



Q: what do you get when you mix? 

– hometeam ncaa final four win 

– dance for mother earth american indian pow wow

– festifools parade

– hash hash

– foolmoon luminary festival

– one man anti-war protest

A: the perfect storm = just another weekend here in ann arbor.







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  1. omg….those look like party town for sure…did you take the photos? Were you taking part in the fun? 🙂

    Waiiittttt….is that you with the Top Hat and growling out with celebration? *grins*


    • @katie – lots going on to say the least, and certainly something for everyone. i was in the middle of most of it – photos courtesy of a variety of community photos – yes, i had a grin, not so much the top hat )


    • @jimmyvs. – you are obviously a man of great intelligence and taste ) good call! thanks for reading and following my words, i look forward to reading more from you – beth


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