Painting is silent poetry.  ~ Plutarch (the Moralia )



dawn painting by john miler – portland gallery



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  1. More snow, Beth? None today here, a hint of blue outside our windows. The TV weatherman just said “tomorrow may be winter’s last gasp.” So, with spring coming sometime in our lives, I will say to you, all thanks to your tremendously educational post:

    You gotta Gokatta.


    • yes, mark, indeed, once again, i looked out expecting to see flowers blooming and a pink sunrise and all i saw was a grey sky and more snow on the ground. thanks for the encouragement, i know it will come, and soon! you are so right, sometimes you just gotta gokatta. thanks for using it in a sentence, i hope that you’ll have another chance to do that soon.


  2. Is the reverse true? Poetry is loud painting? I THINK I SHALL NEVER SEE A POEM AS LOVELY AS A TREE! Boom–I just painted that. (Not quite as serene as the picture you posted…)


  3. I had not heard this one, painting is silent poetry. So profound, you found a very beautiful and springy painting, too. Like the definition, you know how I love words and their interpretations, Beth! Great and pleasant post today!


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