“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” ― T.S. Eliot



so very proud to be attending baby daughter h’s graduation,

it has been a long and winding road,

with 2 small babies, a hubby, a career change, charity work, lots of fiestas, lots of challenges,

and pure grit.

no one in our little family takes the easy road to get places,

and i think we’ve been made all the stronger for it.

and i’m happy she’s following her own uncharted paths.

and now she will join the ranks of those who teach the little people in our world,

and they will be lucky to have her, just as we all are.

and she will encourage them to follow their own paths.

here’s to you, baby daughter, h, with much love and bursting with pride.

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

 Charles R. Swindoll

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  1. Congratulations and what a wonderful example she has given her children! Beautiful family with such sweet babes in arms, too! Beth, you are rightfully a ‘proud’ Mama! You did your ‘job’ in producing this excellent daughter of yours! Big hugs to all concerned! Robin


  2. Yea! Celebrate, enjoy. Love Chuck Swindoll and his laugh. It is the most contagious laugh I have ever heard.

    Way to go.



    that is all.

    Not really. I also want to say congrats to your daughter. I know how proud you must be!

    also, I don’t know many other Beths, so it’s nice to “meet” you. 🙂


  4. Congratulations! Not everyone can take the traditional path to their education and I know first hand that is a long haul going to school while juggling everything else as I did the same. Lots of credit to your daughter and I agree about the better for it.


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