“oh dear sunday, i want to sleep in your arms and have a fun day.” ― santosh kalwar


10599323_10152310054632336_380475912816872079_nwhen sheep herders have a sense of humor


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  1. The sheep should RUN AWAY. I think Poodles who are forced to look this way should RUN WITH THEM! Poor babies:0 LOLOL I think the owners of animals who make them look so terrible should be made to wear clipped hair and weird things as well. After all…you get what you give out. I wonder if the sheep will start barking, instead of Baaaaaaing????? Hey, it could happen:) Your next post will be about personality disorders in sheep who have been sheared to look like dogs. You will have your own talk show and interview animals who refuse to be seen, but sit behind screens, weeping and asking how long it will be before their wool/coats grow out. Lawyers will be present, to answer any questions the animals may have with regard to suing the humans who disfigured them and caused psychological damage. You will write books, which will be translated into every language, including animal, and become the spokesperson for animals everywhere, who are unable to move on, after they have lost their dignity. Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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  2. OMG!! Those sheep do look like poodles, what a zany sense of humor. I wish for someone to be lazy with, sleeping in on a Sunday. Instead, I woke up to four little hungry grandies who were not satiated for almost a half hour of intermittent toast, cereal, and Tim bits, my bad!

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    • they really do, and i wish you well in your search for your sunday morning partner ) what a wonderful way to wake up though, with all of your hungry little birds around, robin )


  3. 悪いことではないが、派閥ができたり惰性になったりするから


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