the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. – gustave flaubert



on this writers’ retreat

i think you’d most likely find me in one of three places:

magical realist pier

reflecting pool

brainstorm rotunda

where would i find you?


image credit: grantsnider

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  1. So cute – where do you find these things? I would be on the “procrastination patio” right now because I’m buried with work and don’t have any time to write anything. Hope to move into the “cave of reclusive genius” soon and then exit via the “first draft furnace” by the end of the week – thanks for the game plan anyways!

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  2. Classics library, Internet free cafe and brain storm rotunda for me. Such a perfect post for where I am at the moment. Lots of ideas and brainstorming, reviews in my head. I’m not at an Internet free cafe however. Although I pretended I was and wrote in my book for a while instead.

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  3. This was fun and I would like to be on the island, even if it is for “cliche’s!” Also, when I need a coffee and would like to relax, I bet not too many people would be in the “internet free cafe!” I might join you on the magic realist pier, to see what it is like there! Smiles!

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  4. procrastination patio or the shrine of the muse is where you would normally find me, however i agree with your comment, every spot has something to offer and i am sure we have all been to these places more than once 🙂

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