the four crows.



we were a formidable team

my two sisters

one friend

and i

 an ad-hoc precinct

fashioning ourselves

the finest of sleuths

solving crimes

all around

our neighborhood

it was our job

our destiny

the four crows

walked the streets

the fields

the woods

looking for clues

to crack puzzles




as we

dreamed up

our cases

finding empty pill bottles

 asking a neighbor

if he killed his wife

as we hadn’t seen her

found out

that she had died

 left a note

for a woman

who yelled at her children

telling her she was too mean

found out

they were adopted

 asked her to give them back

we clearly

way overstepped our bounds

as detectives


tend to do


in pursuit of justice

 in an attempt

to right the wrongs

to restore balance

in a community

that didn’t know

they needed us

or that we were

always looking out for them

in the most secret of ways




as a

murder of four crows

all under age 8

“the case called for plain, old-fashioned police leg work!”
― donald j. sobol, encyclopedia brown, boy detective


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  1. Oh our sweet childhood and the terror that we caused. I liked your investigatory work -all in the name of justice 😊 K and her equally young cousin disappeared one afternoon at a family BBQ. My brother was a leader of Neighborhood Watch at the time. We thought the terrible 2 were in the bedroom playing, they were 6? Brother received a phone call from a neighbour saying, some children have been going round saying there has been a double murder…. We took terrible 2 when they got back home straight tot the Police they could have a bit of a lecture. Scared the **** out of them. Sorry went a little overboard. 😔

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  2. I can picture the formidable sisters and a friend, investigating. You told this so well, love the details and the fun way you told this. Kind of scary and serious stuff mixed in there, too. Just like a real crime story!

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