“summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ― william shakespeare



living in a college town

the signs of summer’s close

are always clear


it’s good to see

the students are back in session

making their transition

with a

float down the river kind of day.


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  1. Here in Delaware last weekend a few OWU students wandered into the town pool, they were having a blast on the two slides. One that Skyler is a little afraid of it’s speed. He told me he advised someone waiting at the top, he thinks it was a college boy, which slide is more fun. Isn’t this so cute and confident of him, Beth?
    There were a few up on house roofs while we walked back to my apt. They wave and are so polite. This is why I chose this town on a map 🙂 I think it is so cool you live in a college town, Beth, and do they call you a “Townie?”

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