“i’m bored with it all.” – (last words) ― winston s. churchill



he came with

his grandparents?

his parents?

their friends?


slices of pie

bottomless decaf coffee

endless chat


quite possibly

a very long night.

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  1. This is now normal behavior for people. Sitting alone looking at a screen in a place with other people. It doesn’t matter what age the people are. Kids do this when they are together. Even if they are next to each other and talking they are often looking down at their phones at the same time.

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  2. I am pretty serious with my grandies about no hand held games for more than one hour while I visit. Then, we get the games out! Or turn on music and dance. While in a car, “I Spy” or “My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells. . .” Only one has a cell phone, my granddaughter, Lara, on 12th birthday received from her father. My son is her stepdad. I admire how excited she was when baby Hendrix was born sending photos to friends. I say no phone at dinner, when I have a “say.” 🙂

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