go cart.


after a long while

and a lot of swedish kaffe

i made it


the ikea rat maze

but not before gathering

as usual

all kinds of ‘domgjingos’

and other unexplained things along the way

along with the one item I set out to buy.

I was feeling victorious

when things took a turn.

 I left my cart at the end of an aisle

to get a closer look

at an exciting ‘grushlbonker’ of some sort

and my cart went missing.

I first thought that maybe I had misplaced it.

no luck.

I then looked for someone ahead of me

who may have mistakenly grabbed the wrong cart. 

still no luck. 

I watched for someone to suddenly do an about face

and hurriedly return with the wrong cart in hand

a bit embarrassed and mumbling an apology.

still no luck. 

maybe it was my giant blue used $1.49 bag

I had in there that was so appealing?

what could anyone else possibly

find any use for, or value

in the odd collection of things I’d snagged along the way?

I couldn’t even remember most of what I had in there

but now I felt I needed each of them for some reason

and was somehow missing them.

I decided to consider it a small gift to the universe

someone must have needed it all more than me.

I hadn’t paid for anything yet

so no loss

other than time and energy

and of course

that fancy blue bag

but most of all

I had no desire to rerun the maze

 so I grabbed a few new things

I didn’t know that I needed 

along the route to the register.

and threw in

a shiny new blue bag 

along with

a 6-pack of cinnamon rolls

just for good measure.

“why would anyone steal a shopping cart? it’s like stealing a two year old.”

-erma bombeck

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  1. I park mine a lot at wally world so I can zip down an isle & grab what I need 🙂 I would venture to say I could come back tomorrow & the cart would still be there 😉 (hopefully no frozen food ❗️ )

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  2. When I started living in France, I quickly (and with the loss of 2€) learned NOT to leave my shopping trolley alone for any length of time. I went to a shop you go for anything you could need inside and outside a house, from cables, cement to curtains, new kitchens, gardening stuff, deck washers etc. Yeah, a bit like Ikea, but more expensive and frankly, much less tempting! I parked my empty trolley with just two bags in a quiet place (always tons of people) and looked for a planter or something. When I got back to the place, the trolley was gone, and the bags too. Couldn’t be found…..
    I got another trolley, inserted another Euro piece into the slot and went directly outside where I had spied, in the meantime, searching for my first trolley, some of the garden stuff I needed. I put some of it, plus a plant, plus some plastic containers in it and went about searching some wire netting. You guess what’s coming now, don’t you?!
    Coming back to take my trolley to the wire section, my stuff was on the ground, my trolley gone. Twice, the same day, somebody stole my trolley for the Euro piece I put in. I couldn’t even get angry, I felt so bad for the person who had to do this for an Euro apiece!

    As for IKEA, I love them and I’ve never ever gone out with only what I needed. My Hero Husband is NOT letting me near one – I haven’t seen one from the inside for some 10 years+ ….. I’m so sad! The last time I could visit one for 10 (ten) minutes before closure time, was, when HH had to pick up something from a friend who lived nearby. He thought it was safe to give me only that tiny slot, because he knows about my total lack of any sense of orientation…. He was right: I only raided the boxes right in front of the cashiers because I knew if I ventured any further, I would spend the weekend in a Ikea shelf and never be found again!

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  3. Dagnabbit! Your favorite reusable bag, of course. Someone has taken off with our cart containing a quartet of our sturdy market bags at Wegmans. Now one of us keeps an eye on the cart like a hawk (after a return to the maze of big box BJs to buy more reusable bags, of course).

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  4. oh ikea—a maze is such a good word for it. i went recently and it took me a lot of self-convincing that i didn’t need this giant closet-bureau thingy. they’re good at selling things i never wanted LOL

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