checked up on mother goose’s egg yesterday and it was totally alone

checked today and it was off the rock

sitting broken under water

sad it didn’t survive

life can be so fragile.


“probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken.”

-M. F. K. Fisher

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  1. Your title reminded me of this routine from the Marx Brothers movie “Animal Crackers”:

    Horatio Jamison : Do you want the body in brackets?

    Capt. Spaulding : No, it’ll never get there in brackets. Put it in a box. Put it in a box and mark it, uh…”fragilly.”

    Horatio Jamison : Mark it what?

    Capt. Spaulding : Mark it fragilly. F-R-A-G… Look it up, Jamison, it’s in the dictionary. Look under “fragile.” Look under the table if you don’t find it there.

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  2. I remember reading somewhere that one of the side effects of pesticides was that a mother could sometimes break her own eggs when sitting on them because the shell becomes too fragile.


  3. Your photo made me think how life is made up of so many fragile moments strung together into a story of love and loss and resilience.
    So sad for the little goose who will never know life outside its shell… so grateful you captured its brief presence on earth.

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  4. ❀ My geese have built a nest once more in a vulnerable location. All I can guess is maybe one or both of them were hatched in that exposed spot. Today the mom was sitting on the nest. I want to know if they feel the same tug I do when I see their eggs fallen on the road dropped by some predator. I think they must.

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