mrs. ticklefeather is missing.


as a collector of the classic golden books

i am endlessly fascinated

by their history, artwork, authors, short tales, and backstories

i finally found and ordered one i’d been looking for

“lucky mrs. ticklefeather”

which seems to have quickly made it’s way through multiple cities

only to land in detroit a few weeks ago

where is has remained

stuck in an ‘in transit’ status

ever since its arrival.

will *mrs. ticklefeather ever be found?

is she still considered lucky?

is there a rival golden book collector near me

looking for the same book?

does paul her pet puffin, have anything to do with this?

it remains to be seen and i remain hopeful

this story isn’t over yet. 

*Book summary – Rare ~~ Mrs. Ticklefeather was a very thin old lady with a good sized feather in her hat, and on her feet she had tall black shoes with plenty of buttons. She lived on the top floor of a terribly high building because the top floor is the best place for getting sunshine, and, Oh, what a good thing sunshine is for thin old ladies. When her pet puffin, Paul, goes missing, the elderly Mrs. Ticklefeather becomes very upset, but the next day Paul returns and brings with him a special gift that brings her great and unexpected happiness. Great illustrations in mid- century yet modern style.

“hope is the last thing ever lost.”

italian proverb

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  1. keep us posted on this one, Beth: I am a huge fan of Little Golden Books; I think my favourites are”Tootle’ written by Gertrude Crampton in 1945, and ‘Scruffy The Tugboat’ which she also wrote. Be an an author worth researching. I used to read both books to my kids and grandkids and probably if I’m lucky, to my great grandkids 🙂

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  2. Very interesting little books, I can understand why they would be so treasured. And the quote is so very real, hope is the last thing lost but for many the last thing thought of as well. We must always keep a positive mind. All the best Beth.

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  3. I surely hope the shipping folks locate Mrs. Ticklefeather’s missing package for you, Beth. My worst-case fear is that somebody read the title on the box and got some sticky fingers, but I hope it just ended up on a wrong pile and will be noticed.

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  4. This kind of artwork is my happy place. I prefer it to anything modern or hanging in a museum. If this were on canvas in a department store right now, I would go purchase it and put it on my wall, as it brings much joy. My office must look childish, as it is full of art that is for children and bright and happy colors and animals. But Golden Book art sparks joy.

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