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little boys should never be sent to bed. they always wake up a day older. – peter pan


spending the weekend with grand baby joeys, f and m,

(who have a look of mischief in their eyes like the vintage lads above)

while their mom is away with friends

and it’s so very different

from time spent with our girl babies

yet every moment is equally exciting

in its very own way

where going swimming in a pool

counts as a bath

and waking up in bathing suits

makes us ready

for another day’s adventure

and it’s all about

perpetual motion

and peeing

and rocks

and bugs

and ghost tales

and staying up late

and everything is sticky

and wet

and dirty

and it is a delight.

boys are found everywhere – on top of, underneath, inside of,
 climbing on, 

swinging from, 
running around, or jumping to.

– alan marshall beck

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