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more excited.


(not me,  a famous model who is a couple of years older, but we share a strong birthday spirit)

it has been my birthday for 5 hours already

 and according to my math

each year

i become less worried

about life


i become more excited

about this day

in the exact same amounts

which equals out. 

“surround yourself with people who are more excited about your birthday than you are.” 

-word porn

butter on your birthday.



“i was 32 when i started cooking; up until then i just ate.” -jc

happy memorial birthday to julia child,

american chef extraordiniare , rebel, eccentric, pioneer, lover of all things butter

and the one who brought the art of french cooking to america.

“with enough butter anything is good.”

-julia child

“miss child is never bashful with butter”

-phil donahue 


jc -i plan to whittle a stick of butter into a smaller stick of butter today in your honor. 



image credits: (b/w) google. com, (color) butter sculptures, pennsylvania state fair




what’s your number?

according to the candles on his cake
 my friend’s age
was shown to be one year older
than his actual age.
 when asked why the number was different
his wife mentioned
that those were the only candles
to be found in the junk drawer.
ah, wisdom.
“in life, 1 + 1 doesn’t necessarily add up to 2.”
― anthony t.hincks

57, 3 , 6, 500, 399 – a fiesta of numbers.



“all the world is birthday cake,

so take a piece, but not too much.”

 – george harrison 



i celebrate


each of those numerals

represent something

important to me

my number of years on earth

my number of daughters

my number of grand babies

my number of posts

my number of dog years on earth

ah, but

which is which?


“with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

― william shakespeare 

a two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it. – jerry seinfeld


imagejpeg_2-3happy birthday sweet baby girl

 you are the last

of the grandbabies

six under six

to turn two

little r.

and your beloved dog, baron

and the rest of our family

will always watch over you

and look up to you

even if you are the youngest.


One of the virtues of being very young

is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination. 

~Sam Levenson