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stop moving.

JMW Turner’s depiction of a stormy sea, painted c1831.
JMW Turner’s depiction of a stormy sea, painted -1831
Late in September 1836, a five-year voyage came to an end, and a young naturalist stepped ashore at Falmouth on 2 October and looked back in rueful contemplation of the severe privations that he – unlike Captain Cook’s men – never faced: “I speak from experience: it is no trifling evil which may be cured in a week”

-Charles Darwin, on discovering seasickness

having always been prone to motion sickness

from most any mode of travel or spinning movement

vertigo from a pilates class

spinning on any ride known to mankind

cruising on the water after a hurricane


watching hand-held camera shots on film

riding on and in planes, trains, buses, and automobiles

(not when riding on horses or camels, at least)

i should not have been surprised

watching richard branson fly off into space

listening to the play-by-play

of speed, g-force, lack of gravity, the woozy view from the window seat, the up, the down

when i began to feel motion sick

sitting on solid ground

in my living room

on earth.

one of many reasons i am not an astronaut.


sources: the guardian, tim radford, bbc, almay photo, virgin air photo




it was truly an honor and my pleasure

on a chilly december evening

 to gather with hundreds

of friends and strangers

from all parts of the community

reaching out with lights and song

to wish children sweet dreams.


“Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams,” is a program created by the Beaumont Children’s Pediatric Family Advisory Council at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI.

Every evening at 8 p.m. during the month of December pediatric patients will shine flashlights from the hospital windows and look for people from the community who are standing outside the hospital to flash them back. It only takes a few minutes, but it will mean a lot to these young patients and their families.

“Many children are unable to leave their rooms and can feel isolated in the hospital as the rest of the world continues without them, and have trouble falling asleep” Beaumont Children’s Child Life Supervisor Kathleen Grobbel said. “With the help of the community, we can make sure they go to bed with smiles on their faces.”

If you want to put a smile on the faces of some kids that are spending the holidays hospitalized … it’s time to grab a flashlight and head to Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak.

That’s where you can help by being a part of Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams.

“deep in the meadow, hidden far away 

a cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray

forget your woes

and let your troubles lay.”

-suzanne collins


credits: beaumont children’s hospital, wwj radio