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No one really knows how these old hobby horses got here, but the herd keeps growing.

 ON A SMALL SLICE OF wide-open pasture in the town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, broken-down rocking horses, plastic ponies, metal ponies, and other assorted horse toys have been holding court. As if by magic, ponies have been proliferating along this winding country road, resulting in the peculiar “Ponyhenge.”

The horses started arriving anonymously sometime in 2010, with the placement of a lone hobby horse along picturesque Old Sudbury Road, about 15 miles west of Boston. How and why the rusty little fellow appeared is a mystery, even to Lincolnites who’ve been around a while. One story has the first horse hanging around after a kid’s short-lived lemonade stand, another that he was left over from a Christmas display.

Whatever the real story might be, after the first one appeared things started to get strange. More horses—hobby horses, rocking horses, and horse figurines—began appearing at the site. They are periodically rearranged, sometimes in a circle, sometimes in rows like race horses. Other times they are simply scattered and knocked around, as if they’ve come back from a long night of carousing.

The herd has been growing faster of late, with twice as many horses put out to pasture as there were a couple of years ago. Oddly, no one takes them away—the arrangement only morphs and grows, much to the delight of the family that owns the land. As the owner told the Boston Globe in 2015, “There was something lovely about it being anonymous, and now every time we go away, another one appears.”

While it’s on privately owned land, Ponyhenge is open to anyone who wants to visit.

“they swayed about upon a rocking horse. and thought it pegasus.”

-john keats


credits: atlas obscura, soaringraven

tracking through life.


had one of those days a couple of weeks ago

dropped off my car for an expensive repair

took a walk downtown

glasses fell out somewhere

apparently in the middle of the road

where they got run over

lenses survived

backup pair still in car being repaired

went to the backup of the backup pair

not the best

really not good if i had to identify a witness while wearing them

went home and sat on my couch in time to see

yeti the cat accidentally break my favorite vase

called my optometrist

who said the company that made my frames had been sold

 they are discontinued and my lenses were custom made to fit in them

found a pair of the lenses online while squinting

 now i await their arrival

as i track them all over the country

traveling in a bit of an illogical order

 can’t wait to see where they land next

hopefully on my face.

Tracking my package so far:

From: Staten Island to Queens to Indianapolis to Detroit back to Indianapolis then back to Detroit and still not here, who knows where next?

Shipped with USPS

Tracking ID: 9402111699000087082270

Sunday, July 25
1:22 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Detroit Mi Distribution Center, US
Saturday, July 24
11:05 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Indianapolis, IN US
6:08 AM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Detroit Mi Distribution Center, US
Friday, July 23
10:44 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Indianapolis, IN US
7:50 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Queens Ny Distribution Center, US
12:09 AM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Queens Ny Distribution Center, US
Wednesday, July 21
1:30 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Staten Island, NY US
Tuesday, July 20
Package has shipped
“the search for what you want is like tracking something that doesn’t want to be tracked.
it takes time to get a dance right, to create something memorable.”
-fred astaire




3 Ways Your Dog Asks

For Help

Dr Marty

For nearly a century, popular convenience store chain 7-eleven has been quenching consumer thirsts with Slurpees, and other refreshments. (It got the name 7-Eleven owing to its original operating hours—from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.—starting in 1946.)

With success comes the occasional hiccup, and not just from one too many Slurpees. As the world once again celebrated Slurpee 7-Eleven Day on July 11, it was not without some historical issues. Beginning in 2015, on this special day, 7-Eleven offered to fill up containers brought in by customers for just $1.50. The problem? Some decided to drag in kiddie pools, toilet bowls, and sleds to game the system. The following year, the store mandated that any container had to fit in a 10-inch cutout set up in stores.


p.s. for some inexplicable reason, the detroit market is the Slurpee capital of our nation


“had I known I was going to face down death today, I totally would’ve bought myself the Slurpee.”

-laura thalassa



 credits: pinterest, google

alphabet soup.


i have always loved alphabets

when i was young

one of my favorite days ever

was when i could finally

decode the letters and read words

i love alphabets created out of every imaginable material, and alpha art and images of all kinds

today i tried to look up the word for someone who loves alphabets

and there was nothing to be found

the closest i could come was for someone who loves words:

What do you call a person who loves words?
A logophile is a person who loves words; a word nerd.
Because it’s not all that commonly known,
logophile is probably most commonly used by logophiles themselves.
(of which i am one)
but alas, ironically, no word for someone who loves the letters that make up every word.

“human society, the world, and the whole of mankind is to be found in the alphabet.”

-victor hugo



climb it.


one is a crazy toddler yeti

one is an energetic tween grandie

both are natural climbers

can you guess which is which?

“obstacles don’t have to stop you. if you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up.

figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

Michael Jordan

begin again.


*life finds a way 


“no matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”



  * the above photo was taken while exploring what was once the traverse city state hospital (1885-1989), and more recently has been restored and given new life as the traverse city village commons. most buildings are now teeming with life and commerce, while other buildings still await their second chance, ghost stories and all.


what remains.


after many hours spent in the kinder playhouse

art, memories, stories, and a beautiful view of the world

are what still remain. 


“this was something sure to be crammed full of warm secrets,

like an antique clock built when peace filled the world.”

-haruki murakami

that moment – #1


that moment when you rush in

because your are sure you have seen a king cobra

but realize it is only a weird stick.



“sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

just 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery.”

  • -author unknown