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out walking with the kinders

i come up behind

an unlikely pair

who generally aren’t together,


one who is learning to cope

with separating from a twin,

the other who is having a hard time coping

with separating from a best friend.

the only real separation

is that the friend/twin in each case

wants to seek out other friends

and expand their horizons.

one says to the other,

“i know she wants to play with other people

and when she needs to do that,

i just let her go.

i know it’s what she has to do

and then she comes back later.”

the other responds,

“wow. how do you do that?”

she answers,

“it’s just what you do.”

i am amazed by

this four year-old’s insight and advice,

as many adults

still have not mastered this understanding.

the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.

it is never of any use to oneself.

– oscar wilde

image credit: google images

i like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake. – lewis black




 young dick cheney, it seems, did not look kindly upon coffee addictions. when he was deputy chief of staff in gerald ford’s white house, the future vice president sent a terse memo regarding donald rumsfeld’s coffee consumption. in september 1975, the then-chief of staff had spent more than $100 on coffee in a month—adjusted for inflation, about $450 in 2015 dollars. and it appears this wasn’t the first time.

     “can you please tell me what’s going on?” a 34-year-old cheney wrote to staff secretary jim connor. rumsfeld’s nine-person staff (and their guests) had consumed a whopping 200 pots of coffee—about 50 pots per week.  in a handwritten note, connor laid out the facts: “they are drinking too much coffee and have too many people drinking it!”


credits: gerald ford presidential library, mental floss magazine