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scream 2 – electric bugaloo.


when the guts of my electronic car key

mysteriously disappeared a month ago

after having coffee with my friend

i searched everywhere

and tried to consider every possible scenario

wondering how the insides came out

and where they went

between the time i had coffee

and the time i returned to my car.

flash ahead to now –

i finally surrendered

went to the dealer

 showed them the empty fob

to get their opinion

said they had never seen anything like it before 

 gave me the number to contact their corporate headquarters

to get them to cover a replacement

when i got home

i was cleaning out my office/art studio/room of fun

 putting away a gift

that my same coffee friend had returned with from ireland 

 it was put in a bag from a local store

wrapped in tissue paper

as i went to throw out the bag

i pulled out the tissue

tipped over the bag

(that held the gift i had opened before but not yet put away)


out fell

a small black and red item

i took a closer look

there was the missing inside piece from my key.

it had been returned to me through some twist of fate

literally fell right into my hands

in much the same sudden and unexpected manner

that it had disappeared

one month and one country later.

“i find that, usually, answers present themselves. they are not hidden under rocks or camouflaged among trees. answers are right there, in front of our eyes. but if you haven’t cause to look, then of course you will probably never find them.”
-cecelia ahern





after working hard all day
without taking a break to eat
 tired and hungry and looking for the easy way out
i decided to just drive through the closest place
to get food to eat on my way home
 trying to eat something healthy
 was a quite a challenge based on the menu
ordered a small wrap without sauce and unsweetened iced tea
they repeated my order to me
i confirmed it and paid
got my order
slipped back into traffic and headed off
only to quickly discover
much to my dismay
they had actually
added extra sauce, a sugary fake honey mustard sort of thing to my wrap
and poured me a fully-sugared iced tea
was this a trick?
had i asked for my order in some other language that i was unaware of ?
did yes actually mean no?
was i a horrible communicator?
did i appear to need a sugar boost?
too tired and too much traffic to go back
but one of us in the equation was clearly confused
and perhaps both.
“the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

-george bernard shaw

image credit: pinterest