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an evening at home.


after a busy day

spent teaching, singing, walking, grocery shopping with a mask, writing new plans, meeting, and conferencing

i finally sat down

one last time

all of it behind me

settling in for an evening at home

 picturing myself like the image above

and then 

the mirror

came into play

where it was revealed

that i was actually

more like disheveled barbie

but she probably has more fun anyway. 


when you have a vision of where you need to go,

it sounds uptopian. but when you get to the tipping point,

your understanding switches.”

-christiana figueres




Watercolor painting credit: An Evening at Home, 1888, Sir Edward John Poynte, Bourne Gallery, Reigate, Surrey, UK The Bridgeman Art Library



happy national cocktail day

in this era of zoom happy hours, the quarantini, and more than lots of stay home time

what have you been mixing up in your quarantine cave?

do you find yourself using

whatever you can scrounge up in your kitchen?

is your go-to

a cornhattan, pickled okra and tonic, dandelion/parsley wine, a salsa sour?

what have you managed to blend, shake, mix, mash, stir, or sling together

to create your new signature drink?

all cocktails and mocktails welcome here.

“life is a crazy mixture of intoxicating cocktails.”

-ken poirot 


image credit: lisa zador