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security is in the eye of the beholder –


      playing with my grand babies recently, and watching each of them reach for various familiar things when tired or in need of comfort, i was taken back to the days when my three daughters were young. each of them, as well as their friends, had something they relied on to soothe and reassure themselves. it seemed to be a very personal choice and there was no way for the adults to predict or account for these important selections.

      in our house, it ran the gamut from a very long, skinny strip of yellow knitting, (meant to be a blanket but ultimately it became something more akin to a giant scarf, as knitting is not my forte), a well-worn puffy checked blanket, (meant to be a welcome home from the hospital gift for my first daughter, but not actually completed until the third was born, as sewing is not my forte either), and of course my middle daughter’s choice – a silky yellow nightgown of mine, (meant to be worn by me, but commandeered by her for this higher purpose).

      the options seemed to work well for each of the girls, though the trashy lingerie in the grocery cart situation was a bit awkward at times – (to add to the shock and awe, it became quite filthy over time, as she could not bear to part with it for a wash, and of course it was nowhere near as comforting if i ever did get the rare chance to do so).  who am i after all, to mess with someone’s sense of security?

     i smile as i remember the choice that my friend’s 2 year old daughter made. after her mother had her long, dark hair cut into a summer-friendly short bob, this lovely young girl lost her security, which had been her curtain of hair, and found her own unique way to regain it. one day soon after the fateful cut, she wandered out of her mother’s room , wearing her black half slip on her head where her long hair had once been. after that, she cried and refused to go in public without her ‘security wig’.  even though she resembled a miniature nun, and garnered many odd looks from the unknowing public, she wore it with pride and happiness, and balance was restored to her world once again.


    as i now work on a blanket for the latest grand baby soon to be welcomed into our family, (and notice that it has somehow morphed into something resembling a queen-sized comforter, estimate that it will take 6 more feature-length films for me to complete, and note that my sewing prowess has not improved with time), i wonder if she will reach for this behemoth in times of need, or will she leave it piled in the corner while clinging to something i have not even imagined?

Image attempts to explain it in this way:

security blanket


1.  blanket or other familiar item carried especially by a young child to provide reassurance and a feeling of psychological security.
2. someone or something that gives a person a sense of protection or a feeling of security
It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear . . . . It’s like being between trapezes. It’s Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There’s nothing to hold on to.Marilyn Ferguson

“sucking your thumb without a blanket is like eating a cone without ice cream!” – Linus van Pelt

in the end, we each, at all ages and stages of life, search until we find a sense of security in our own places – how else to explain the phenomenon of ‘snuggies?’


one man’s junk is – someone’s treasure i’m sure


i recently received the following email from a very generous and friendly co-worker, and while quite possibly everything about this offer is appealing, i may just have to consider it for a bit. hope no one snatches it up it while i’m thinking about where this will fit into the cottage, this one may move fast! (even the dog looks a bit confused/amused)

Anyone interested in this old couch and loveseat?  the Loveseat is in good shape, but the couch has bare springs showing.  Kids.  If you are handy with furniture or want to pay someone to re-upholster, go for it.

  Both need to be cleaned.

  If you want either, for free of course, let me know soon or they’ll be hauled away to furniture graveyards.  We have had them for 20 years and have enjoyed them very much.  

   Whatever has fallen into the springs is yours also.  Marbles and Hot Wheels, mostly.  I don’t really want to know.  Peace. GG


who knew the ‘poker face’ was the real universal language?


walking downtown, it’s always interesting – the things one encounters. after a long day in the sun, and lots of action, we were ready for a bit of food and some calm, and took a wagon to make the trip a bit easier on my young niece. after approximately 20 feet, she climbed out and decided to walk, leaving us to haul the wagon with no purpose other than to offer us the unexpected opportunity of a better workout.

along the way, we encountered many interesting things: a colorful abstract art exhibit being disassembled – lying in a state of disarray and ready to head off to europe, a random group of people of all ages gathered and milling around in the middle of the road with a keyboard, an uncle sam statue that my niece stopped to hug,  a circular bike rolling it’s way down the road, a green street fair, a man selling golf balls in his yard chatting up another local, a trio of dancing ballerinas clad in wedding gowns and high tops, and a gaggle of tourists with name tags and cameras. while all of these were fun happenings, they were merely the appetizer for what was yet to come – our dining experience. 

we decided to go with the food that would most comfort the littlest of us – noodles, and went to a local asian restaurant. it was small and quiet and uncrowded so it was just what we needed. once seated, our waitress  presented us each with a jumbo glass of water. after walking away she must have noticed the glass was bigger than my niece’s head, so she swooped it up, without a word, poured the water into the glass of a customer at another table and walked away, never to return with a smaller glass for her. all interesting choices….

next up, the order. we each ordered and when it came to my niece, her parents tried to order her ‘just plain noodles and some broccoli.’ upon hearing this, the waitress replied, ‘no butter.’ ‘okay, just the noodles are fine – and some broccoli maybe?’ her response to this; ‘noodles?’ ‘yes.’ ‘broccoli?’ ‘yes.’ her response to this was: a dead unblinking stare – totally expressionless, dumfounded, stunned, or insulted, frozen in a state of zen or anger, hard to tell.  after a few minutes she jotted something down and retreated to the kitchen without another word. discussion at our table then turned to what might actually come out of the kitchen – did she understand, was she angry, confused, humiliated, who knew? a very hard call to make at that point.

time went by and she never did return to our table, instead she had someone else wait on us, and then proceeded to put on large blue rubber gloves and began cleaning the restaurant. keep in mind the entire place was the size of a small living room, so everything that happened was quite out in the open. at one point, while awaiting the arrival of our food, another group came in, and she sat them, and served them the giant waters – large blue rubber gloves and all, refusing to acknowledge us in any way. 

when our food came out, it was somewhat anticlimactic, everything had arrived as ordered, and we felt that even though we had horrified or insulted her and she abandoned us, all had ultimately turned out well. we finished up the meal, with the american/asian tradition of fortune cookies, and called a cab to take all of us and our wagon back home again. imagine our surprise when we opened the first cookie and found the message below. the perfect ending to the perfect evening. 









how to clean your entire kitchen while trying to prepare a 1-minute healthy and guilt-free breakfast


1. since peaches are not quite in season yet, take a bag of frozen peaches out of freezer to defrost in fridge, go to sleep dreaming of healthy breakfast smoothie

2.  take peaches out of fridge on the next day to chop up and create delicious and guilt-free smoothie

3. notice the fridge shelf below bag is a bit sticky

4. notice the bag has leaked (even though it’s unopened), while defrosting

5. take everything off of sticky shelf

6. notice peach juice has leaked to the back of the shelf and hardened into a solid gel

7. take out giant sticky shelf and place in sink

8. turn on hot water to melt off hardened peach juice gel

9. notice peach juice has dripped down into fridge drawers below where the shelf was

10. take out drawers

11. say a few things back to fridge that is now incessantly beeping due to door being ajar too long

12. feel my feet getting wet and turn back to sink

13. notice hot water running on shelf placed in sink is somehow flowing over it and onto counter and beyond

14. notice water has also flowed into junk drawer and cupboards below counter while on its way to the floor

15. slide on floor as i turn off water, pull out junk drawer, empty it, throw away things that are waterlogged

16. empty cupboards below, dry out everything, grab beach towels to clean up floor

17. turn back to fridge, still beeping, notice bottom of fridge has peach juice on it also, now that drawers have been removed

18. get more towels, empty entire fridge, wash and dry everything, replace shelves and drawers and contents, wash and dry floor

16. cut open peach bag, notice the peaches are now dried out due to lack of juice. put them in a bowl. add whipped cream. back to healthy eating plan tomorrow.

17. notice one ant milling around, sensing a dot of sticky peach nectar somewhere