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cherry blossom.


“the significance of the cherry blossom tree in japanese culture goes back hundreds of years.

in japan, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life.

it’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that is also tragically short.”

-homaro cantu


image credit: peak bloom, 1920’s. this lantern slide of the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin in washington, d.c., usa, is from smithsonian gardens’ archives of american gardens. the cherry trees arrived in 1912, when japan gave them to the city as a gift of friendship.

new light.


as you step on, vacuum, sweep-up, curse, recycle

those painful and elusive pine needles

fallen from your wreaths, trees, garlands

stop a second to take a very close look

at the beauty of a sliced pine needle magnified

and you may see them in a new light. 

“seven clans” – photo by elm mitchell

“the close-up says everything”

-marlon brando



“that we find a crystal or a poppy beautiful means that we are less alone,

that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe.”

-john berger



anna scripps whitcomb conservatory, belle isle, detroit, michigan

inside out and outside in.


 entering the anna scripps whitcomb conservatory

designed by albert kahn and george mason in 1904

on belle isle, in detroit, michigan

you realize what an amazing vision of the world they had

“architecture is not such a knowledge form, but a form of knowledge.”

-bernard tschumi


all the loveliness.

queen anne’s lace in august
Passing The Unworked Field
Queen Anne’s lace
is hardly prized but
neither is it idle,
look how it
stands fiercely
on its thin stem,
how it
nurtures its white budlets
with the
gift of the sun,
how it
makes for this world
all the
loveliness it can.
-Mary Oliver