strawberry shampoo does not taste as good as it smells.


i had asked my daughter

to pick out a nice shampoo and conditioner for me

 was excited to get these

loved reading the labels

here are just some of the words/phrases on the packaging:


For weak, brittle hair that needs an intervention!

Damage Level – 3

Micro shields boost strength and stamina

Great results may cause your hair’s ego to inflate to astronomical proportions.

what?! ‘damage level -3’?!

i love the descriptors

who could resist even one of these?

and also there is so much little writing on the label

 the shampoo and conditioner bottles look exactly the same

 once i’m in the shower i have no idea which is which

and i always forget to look before i get in

and i’m not getting out to get my glasses on

so i have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, a roll of the dice

and sometimes i lose

this is what i call an ‘x-treme’ hair care experience.

“sorry I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.”

-author unknown

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  1. Strawberry flavoured hair would smell delicious!
    I agree with you about those bottles that look the same though – so annoying! You’ll have to tie a ribbon or put some coloured tap on one. But just the one mind – as long as you remember which one. 😉😂

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  2. I thought first it is ketchup. I am the same. Without my glasses I don’t know what is shampoo or showergel, however on those it is ok, both is soapy; yet if you add the body lotion then youare a bit in a pickle, as I once noticed. 🙂

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  3. I am sorry to hear about your “Damage Level – 3” hair. I hope you have a speedy recovery. A little permanent marker or a dot of nail polish may be the solution. I wonder how many other brands have a similar issue. Funny, as always, mt friend!

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  4. OK, being an extreme needer of reading glasses (and user of good shampoo) here’s what I would od in this case, Beth. I’d go in with my glasses on right now, place the shampoo I use first to the left and the conditioner I use second to the right and put them back in the same place after I use them every single time. My brain can muscle memory can handle that I think.

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  5. You are not the first to mention the problem with both bottles looking identical, and it’s been suggested that they manufacturers need to make the brand name smaller and the identification of the product larger (as if!). The brand I use has clear bottles, so it’s easy to tell which product is which!

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  6. Well That is fun to see the clever branding and ideas on the bottle – but we have gotten away from all salon brands (over priced and really filled with crap) and we try to use products with as little as possible and feel glad to have found nice options –
    And not to shame anyone who uses these products A but have heard that these chemical smells that make the fun scents are bad to inhale during a steamy shower especially
    Just a thought
    And hope you have a great day

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  7. At the moment my shampoo and conditioner are two different brands in totally different bottles. But if that ever changes, I’ll remember this conversation and take appropriate action if necessary.

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  8. It may cause your hair’s ego to inflate to astronomical proportions. You forgot to mention Donald Trump endorses it.🤣

    I get a kick out of these messages on the bottle, especially reminders not to drink the liquid. Thank goodness for that warning, as I was about to go for it.😊

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  9. So funny, and there’s nothing like a big dollop of what you think is shampoo in your hand that turns out to be conditioner! Been there done that! Confusing bottles indeed but with a nice smell. 😂

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  10. When I came across the picture for this post on the reader, without reading anything, thanks to the way the picture was clipped, I thought these were two beer cans. Thinking about the naming of this “beer” I thought craft beer has really stretched the whole naming thing.
    Obviously, I was wrong, but it still made for an interesting thought.

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  11. That was my first thought: Why two bottles of the same? Heck, I couldn’t ever use these, I can’t figure out any difference and can only hope that the texture is quite different. In my case with my wild hair I need a serious conditioner which always looks very different to the shampoo of the same brand! Good luck.

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