august of another summer.


 “august of another summer,

and once again I am drinking the sun

and the lilies again are spread across the water.”

-mary oliver



gallup park, ann arbor, mi, usa – august 2022

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  1. August is here…and the countdown to Fall is on. Fall/Winter are my two favorite seasons. I used to dislike August when I was little because that meant 24/7 vacation was going to end and school was starting up once more. I tried to squeeze as much vacation as I could into August back then, and I bet kids still do!

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  2. From the first time I saw Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies”, I’ve always appreciated seeing them (always in photos, of course). Immediately, the photo you chose brought me the same serenity that I feel whenever my eyes feast upon their splendor….

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  3. I can hardly believe that August has already arrived. It feels to me as if I just happily welcomed February after a neverending January… and here we are in August. I will enjoy this month to the max.

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  4. Aaawh, how I love Mary Oliver – and to think that at one time of my life I did not know her work!?! She sure has a way with words…. And this photo is so fitting too. Happy August. Over here school starts again in a week’s time.

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    • she just works such magic with her words. this picture was from a park I walked in the day before and it was so quiet and beautiful. we have a few more weeks and we we’ll be back too –

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