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september tries.


“september tries its best to have us forget summer. “

-bernard williams

leslie woods park, ann arbor, michigan, usa

(now deep into the 90’s of the 160 parks adventure)




i parked along a beautiful winding road

walked a few hundred feet

 to find this unmarked path

winding its way in switchbacks

all the way up to the top of this park

with natural steps made of roots and branches

and proceeded to climb

in my new shoes

1/2 size larger than the 1st pair that i’d worn out

now a size 6 1/2 instead of a solid 6

it was my first time out in them

and quickly found that

i was not yet used to the extra bit of shoe

suddenly it felt like i was walking in

giant slippery clown shoes or snorkel flippers

it was awkward

i kept kicking things

lots of near misses

almost tripping over things

until i finally really tripped on a large tree root

way up high

and found myself sliding

all the way back down to the bottom of the hill

like a scene from an old spaghetti western

i’m sure i yelled out something


stopping again right back where i’d started

near the beautiful road

where a cyclist happened to be riding by

who stopped to see if i was okay

 just a bit dusty and surprised really

 i stood up once more

and used my giant paddle feet to climb again

this time making it all the way to the top and into the park

none the worse for wear

and i am happy that i was not hiking in the grand canyon.

“here at the fountain’s sliding foot, / or at some fruit tree’s mossy root, /

casting the body’s vest aside, / my soul into the boughs does glide.”

-andrew marvell

kuebler langford park, ann arbor, mi, usa




bird hills park

dolph park

dhu varen park

eberwhite woods park

loving all the forts, both big and small that i’ve discovered as i continue my journey through the ann arbor parks. forts are very sacred places. lots of heart and hard work go into the making of them – special spaces to meet and hang out with your gang.

(i’m about half way through the parks now -through the letter ‘i’)

– 80 down and 80-ish to go!  –


“i have a lot of growing up to do. i realized that the other day inside my fort. “

-zach galifianakis


land as community.


 a beautiful morning walk

sharing earhart park with this lovely creature

an evening spent at the first and second sister lakes in dolph nature area

“when we begin to see land as a community to which we belong, 

we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

– aldo leopold

*i’ve now walked 60 of the ann arbor parks,

(all of the way through the letter ‘e’), only 100ish more to go-

i hope to have found and walked all of them by halloween, october 31

as i look forward to the beauty to be found in the change of seasons.

parks – a


and so –

my ann arbor parks walk (150+) has begun

here are the ‘a’s

#1 – Allmendinger Park

 old school merry go round, in neighborhood in town, near the stadium, got really lost walking home from there and doubled my walk, picnic spots with grills, volleyball, old trees, basketball, tennis, baseball diamonds, ice skating in winter

– 8 acres

#2 – arbor hills nature area

between neighborhoods, ponds, loud frogs, birds, picnic spots in sweeping expanses under trees, wooded trails, scared a woman when i emerged from the woods who was shocked that i had found it

– 6 acres

#3 –  Arbor Oaks

neighborhood park, basketball, open pergolas, open fields, picnic area, pirate themed playground, rain garden, baseball, i was the only person there on the day i visited

-8 acres

#4 –  Argo Nature Area

– unpaved trails with beautiful views of the river, livery with canoes/kayak/paddle board rentals,  river cascades, long, narrow park, large variety of trees, wildflowers, very quiet in the woods

-22 acres 

and onward……many more to follow

“i believe that there is a subtle magnetism in nature,

which, if we unconsciously yield to it,

will direct us aright.”

―henry david thoreau