old shoes.


these old shoes have seen a lot of miles and a lot of smiles

 like slipping my feet into butter

but might be time to let them melt softly into the sunset. 



“an old shoe lover loves old shoes.”

-theodore sturgeon

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  1. If you did that you will regret it for the rest of your life.
    I suggest you make it into some sort of art piece to hang on the wall. or perhaps ask next falls tiny tots for ideas. or donate to the Old Shoe Museum.

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  2. I hate shoe shopping. In fact, I have not been shoe shopping since PayLess Shoes was in business. I also hate wearing shoes. Flip flops are my go-to, though I’m trying to keep my heels better moisturized, so I don’t wear them much anymore when I’m going outside. I can never retire a pair of well-loved, well-worn shoes if they still have some life left in them. I just put them further back on the shoe shelf so they can rest plenty and are saved for when I need their special kind of comfort.

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    • I’m a huge fan of long, long walks and these shoes supported me through all sorts of treks, and kept my feet from hurting. they have been very helpful in my ongoing journey )


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