Bread bag alignment chart


 i’m a hybrid of chaotic neutral and lawful evil, a razor’s edge of distinction between them.

what does this say about me? 

which are you closest to?

“the things that bring you the greatest joy are in alignment with your purpose.”

-jack canfield


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  1. I still use bread that I slice (thickly) myself, with a special bread knife. I haven’t used pre-sliced bread since I was old enough to buy my own groceries. I store it in the dark in a cupboard to keep it fresher longer, and inside a lined cloth bag sold for that purpose. That bag has a drawstring closure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m lawful neutral (how boring) or chaotic neutral if the clip breaks and one of the 1700 hundred in the drawers and counter, and bottom of the basket that holds breads and buns is not around,

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  3. What an interesting concept, that we might be defined by how we protect an open bag of bread! More interesting, I do something not listed! I do the twist, and then I wrap the empty plastic back over the loaf. I guess I’m that unique!

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  4. I fended for myself last night in getting some bread out for dinner – usually I am not assigned that task. At one point, I believe I achieved each and every one of these alignments just trying to get that confounding bag closed. I will print this out and try to find a style to stick with should I be called upon going forward.


  5. I”m a combo of 4. Lawful good when I remember to put it back, Lawful Neutral before I break the plastic thingy, Neutral Good when I can find a clip, and Chaotic Neutral when all else fails (most of the time.) We don’t have a choice of Chaotic Evil in Denver. The climate is so dry that all we’d have left is bread slice sized croutons by the end of the day.

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  6. That’s just so funny! What an idea…. 🙂
    We don’t buy bread in a plastic bag, even the idea is evil – bread belongs, once it’s bought, in a drawstring cotton bag where it stays fresh. When I have to buy more bread than needed, I now pack it in a heavy foil and put it in the fridge. That way bread stays good and fresh for quite some time. The foil can be re-used a few times and therefore the use of aluminium foil is justified. No bread to throw out, foil is re-used, bingo.
    Thanks for this fun-presentation. I’d probably qualify for ALL of the above, except that I haven’t got a breadbox any longer as is haven’t got the space for one. I had one where you could pull out the bottom and use it for cutting slices.

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