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tiny bumblebee.



One of classical music’s most virtuosic piano pieces, expertly played on a tiny toy piano…(via Julian Clef)
“a mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.”

– Dante Alighieri

credit: classic fm, uk

all artists.


love wandering around the town

discovering artists’ work

left in unexpected places

a sudden inspiration

using what they found


“i don’t think there’s anything in this universe as powerful as the power of an artist to create.

by that logic, we are all artists, aren’t we?”

-malcolm fernandes

love of beauty is taste. the creation of beauty is art. – ralph waldo emerson



it is art fair time once again

and we start out strong

babies v and r bouncing along

and hoping all our wishes come true

wandering through the streets

seeing all the colors

and people

and dogs with hats

and statues that move

and twirly

and painty

and beautiful

shiny things

and dancers

swaying and bending

and smelling

the spicy kabobs

and licking

the sugar


the elephant ears



 drums booming



all kinds of everything.

and then

it is time for a break

on the diag

a quiet oasis

right in the middle of it all


with a bottle and a blanket and a weary smile


and with the hug of a tree

much bigger than me

and then

IMG_1387 you reach your limit

and you find

your very own

secret and happy place


your hopeful wish


to go home

once again.

timing has a lot to do with art.

– ll cool j

 artist credit- bruce reinfield