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zoom out.


just as i was thinking about it being so cold in ann arbor

that the water bottle in my car froze,

my friend sent this pic 

saying it’s so hot in perth

that the cadbury bars melted.

i said, ‘at least it’s warm there,’

she said, ‘at least you have snow there.’



“life is about perspective and how you look at something… ultimately, you have to zoom out.”

-whitney wolfe herd


new light.


as you step on, vacuum, sweep-up, curse, recycle

those painful and elusive pine needles

fallen from your wreaths, trees, garlands

stop a second to take a very close look

at the beauty of a sliced pine needle magnified

and you may see them in a new light. 

“seven clans” – photo by elm mitchell

“the close-up says everything”

-marlon brando