zoom out.


just as i was thinking about it being so cold in ann arbor

that the water bottle in my car froze,

my friend sent this pic 

saying it’s so hot in perth

that the cadbury bars melted.

i said, ‘at least it’s warm there,’

she said, ‘at least you have snow there.’



“life is about perspective and how you look at something… ultimately, you have to zoom out.”

-whitney wolfe herd


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  1. I have friends in Melbourne complaining that it’s an unusually hot and humid summer. The grass is always greener, ya know?? And I’m not ashamed to lick the wrapper that covers a melted chocolate bar either, so there’s that!

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  2. I don’t think I can take it being so hot Cadbury candy bars melt in the store. 😢 I moved from the deep South a bit further North because I couldn’t take 95 to 110 temperatures in the summer.

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  3. Life looks better on the other side of the fence. I’ve never seen a rack of melted chocolate bars. Somehow chopping the ice outside in single digit temps doesn’t seem quite so bad after all. Thanks, Beth.

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