let the games begin!


“a lifetime of training for just ten seconds.”

-jesse owens




olympic art credit: rachel whiteread

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  1. I don’t watch any sport now. I last watched the Olympics in 1964, when I lived at home and had no choice because my dad watched any sport. In the last few decades, it has also become very political.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I can’t tell you the last time I watched the Olympics, but it was probably ice dancing stuff since that’s about all I enjoy. There is too much blabbering by the commentators, in my opinion. I suppose that’s true of most sports, but I can ignore them if it’s a game I understand already.

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  4. For me, this is as good as it gets. Competition at the highest level. I find it inspirational to watch athletes who have trained their whole lives matched in heated competition. Every one of them proud to be an Olympian!

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  5. I watch some Olympic events and am in awe of those that dedicate so much of their lives to become the best. Competition can become a mean or ugly thing. I feel for those who get little recognition but are most likely as good and at another time better than the winner. A split second can change lives.

    What I’m probably saying is …. think I’ll watch the movie channel. 😉

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    • I get it, I love their stories but know many are not recognized as the amazing champions they are. Similar situation in Hollywood, many incredible talents remain unrecognized or rewarded. I love both –


  6. There’s a lot I don’t care about in the Olympics, but a lot I do enjoy, so I look every day for the events I like. I’m not sure how China managed to pull this off with their insanely tight covid lockdown in place, but it is pretty impressive, nevertheless. And one has to root for the athletes who have spent their lives getting here.

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    • I so am too! Keep an eye out for a Chinese American girl on the women’s b hockey team. Her name is Anna mei or Anna Fairman , depending on if they list her by Chinese or American name. She is my coworker’s niece and grew up near my school

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      • This is so exciting! What a thrill for your co-worker and the whole community. Hopefully the kids at school can watch a filmed clip of the game to see Anna. I love hockey. This morning we watched the women’s USA team play Sweden. USA blew them away, 8-0. Go Hilary Knight! I didn’t realize there was a B team. If it is televised, please let me know so I can watch Anna. Monday night, we play Canada.

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