when you put it that way…

it really is no contest.

which way would you go?


“my life has been a magnificent indulgence.”

-dick van dyke

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  1. Full on fat Greek Yogurt is the only way to go, said to me by a nutritionist. The 0 fat stuff might be loaded with sugar, in its place. Who knows? It does taste better (indulgence?). Happy Friday, Beth.

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  2. I’m late again, having read this earlier. I don’t do low fat anymore. They make for the flavor with added sugars so if I’m going to have sugars, I’m going to do the indulgent version. The honey sounds like a much better option. I usually get plain full fat Greek yogurt and add lots of cinnamon, some stevia and on occasion when I can get them, blueberries. I just found Oikos brand plain and it’s so much thicker and richer than the others. Lasts without getting watery too.

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