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“americans love popcorn, and their love doesn’t quit.” – rosecrans baldwin



“every once in a while, someone will mail me a single popcorn kernel that didn’t pop.

i’ll get out a fresh kernel, tape it to a piece of paper and mail it back to them. “

-orville redenbacher


“so random but a couple months ago a boy scout came to our door selling popcorn.

he told V, “i know it’s not as good as the cookies but it’s what we do.” ūüėāūüėā¬†

-facebook quote from my daughter’s friend, m

image credit: victor nunes art

one man’s castle……



                                                   mars cheese castle in kenosha, wisconsin

Some people eat cheese. Others make it. Still others sell it. And some, like the Ventura family, honor it with a magnificent roadside castle. ¬†Since 1957 the Mars Cheese Castle has proudly dispensed a wide selection of cheese and related products to travelers looking to take home a memento of their journey through Wisconsin. Originally opened as a gas station in 1947, Mars Cheese Castle eventually grew to become the largest, oldest, showiest purveyor at the junction of 1-94 and Wisconsin Highway 142, a spot once dubbed ‚ÄúWisconsin‚Äôs most visible cheese interchange‚ÄĚ by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The store was named not after the planet but after the original owner, Mario Ventura Sr., though this detail hasn‚Äôt stopped the venue from incorporating a small touch of outer space into its castle motif.

In 2011, plans to widen I-94 forced Mars Cheese Castle to abandon the storefront it had used for over 50 years. Rather than mourn the loss of their beloved fortress, the proprietors used the opportunity to update the store’s image. Whereas the turrets on the former building’s facade merely suggested a castle, the new, larger store, outfitted with a drawbridge and a watchtower, is an abode truly fit for a king (of cheese). In exchange for its willingness to relocate, the state agreed to allow Mars Cheese Castle to keep its iconic sign, which, at 80 feet tall, violates current height restrictions for signs along the interstate.

Though cheese is, of course, the main attraction, Mars Cheese Castle also sells a variety of food items, and cheese-themed knick-knacks, including the state’s most essential souvenir, the famed Wisconsin cheese-head hat.

Mars Cheese Castle’s iconic sign stands 80 feet tall

“how can anyone govern a nation that has

two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?”

-charles de gaulle

credits: atlas obscura

family, food and football.



who knew that ordering

a new grocery delivery service 

would lead to a commercial


a visit from

detroit lions’ player, golden tate

when he turned out to be

the surprise delivery guy?

another fun life adventure

for my middle daughter h, and her family.

“i’ll try anything. what are they gonna do, kick me out of show business?”

-penny marshall

mexican fortune.



went out on taco tuesday 

for a

family fiesta

all tacos were just one dollar


when we got the menu

we saw

the new ‘surprise filling’ option

kind of scary and intriguing at the same time

we asked our server as instructed

“what’s it going to be today?”



it wasn’t¬†available

they ran out of it

must have been very popular


couldn’t they have

just combined things


made one up?

how would we know the difference?

raisins, mashed potatoes, and green jello?


watermelon rinds, blue cheese, and kit-kat bars?


whatever they found in the kitchen?

if there were mexican fortune cookies

i expect that mine would have read:

“expect nothing. live frugally on surprise.”

-alice walker