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yard salad.


how did these veggies end up in the yard?

why did these veggies end up in the yard?

a child disliked them, hiding them?

someone was unhappy about healthy food?

  bunnies in the area?

they’re just sitting in the yard, waiting.



“to make a good salad is to be a brilliant diplomatist — the problem is entirely the same in both cases.

to know exactly how much oil one must put with one’s vinegar.”

  -oscar wilde

spring holiday salad.


 *my easter/passover/april fool’s day/full moon kit-kat salad and its recipe

upwrap 7-12 kit-kat bars

break into delicious individual pieces

if chocolate melts onto your fingers

lick them clean

drop what’s left into a lovely bowl

toss gently


*(serving size may vary depending on how willing you are to share)

happy holidays to all

“food for the body is not enough. there must be food for the soul.”

-dorothy day

quick and easy.



when in doubt

which to choose

just mix your dessert and your veggies together

easy as pie

what could be better than lemon jello and succotash

all beautifully arranged and sliced on a plate?


“it’s as if we spend our entire lives avoiding Jell-O

but it is always there at the end, waiting.”

 – john grisham, ford county


image credit: the larsen company (vintage)