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(not me, but if i was a bearded male,

with a cup of espresso, a croissant, and a typewriter instead of a laptop,

this could have been me,

so – very similar to my situation with a few tweaks. )

late last night (probably around 9 or so)

soon to fall asleep

at the comforting lake house of my friends

about to write and post my blog for the morning

a couple of friends

saw that i was still slightly awake

so why not sit down

 have great chat for a couple of hours

 when i finally closed my eyes while talking

we decided to call it a night

so just a few more minutes typing away

to tuck tomorrow’s post in for the night

and when i woke up it was morning and my fingers had fallen off of my laptop and my laptop had fallen on the floor and a fellow blogger reached out to ask if i was okay as there was no post so i quickly set up the post i had meant to finish the night before and balance was restored.

“if you want to talk about someone falling asleep,

whether in their bed, in a car, at a desk, while reading a blog post about french grammar,

you would use s’endormir.”

start where you are.



Pick Up Truck Swimming Pool

What it is: A pool made from a pickup truck bed 
What You’ll Need: A pool liner 
Estimated Cost to Make: $20

Paddling pools are great, but they often pop or get misshapen. If you happen to be the proud owner of a pickup truck, then consider investing in some pool liner. In no time at all, you could have a sturdy metal pool right there in your truck bed that can hold the whole family. Of course, you can’t let the kids get too crazy or they might get a bruise or two, but it’s a wonderful idea. There are even companies out there that sell liners, especially for trucks. It’s a great way to customize your Ford for the summer!

“start where you are

use what you have

do what you can”

-arthur ashe


who knew?  enjoy your holiday weekend.



A bookshop owner in Southampton, England asked for help to move his library due to high rent and wanted to move the books to the new location. He was surprised by the presence of more than 250 young people, elderly and special needs people who were also involved. They formed a human chain where they took thousands of books and transferred them hand in hand from the old place to the new place at a distance of 500 feet. The job was done in just an hour.

“make it simple but significant.”

-don draper (mad men)




source credit: kalin velkov krasimirov

playing the odds, you lose some…..


(enjoying a perfect day at a detroit tigers game – not a care in the world)

it was the perfect day

back in the day

nice sun, warm, no rain, not a cloud in the sky

perfect day to be outside that is

not the perfect day to be stuck inside waiting on people

we took a chance

both called in sick

 went to see the detroit tigers play

under a brilliant sky

with just a wisp of a breeze

feet up, popcorn, cool beverages

doing the wave, singing the songs

figured what are the odds we’d get caught

slim to none using our baseball calculus

 all was well

until a ball was hit

pretty close to where we were sitting

in our great seats

still not a care in the world

(ferris bueller, not us, but caught in a similar situation enjoying a perfect day at a cubs game)

until the tv camera was trained on us

and we wondered

what are the odds

that anyone who knew us would have seen us

 how quickly the odds turned against us

when we went into our restaurant the next day

tan and quite relaxed

until our manager

asked us how we had enjoyed the game

mentioned that he had seen us on the little kitchen tv

so close to catching that wayward ball

(similar to our overworked manager watching the game where we were enjoying our day,

though he was working hard in a kitchen and watching it on a tiny tv, in between expediting orders)

while he had to work extra hard

and told us

that we would be spending today

another beautiful day

at home suspended from work for the day

and could return on the day after that

on another beautiful day

the perfect day we realized

we were lucky to still have a job.

*”great determination can overcome most odds.”


*(key word here is ‘most’ – note to self)




playing the odds, you win some……


(supposed to be here)

back in the day

when i was a waitress

going to school

training to be in the travel industry

i was on call for my restaurant in michigan

but i also had to be at an airline travel class in dallas

my restaurant had very recently said

absolutely no more days off for anyone

too many people were calling in sick or with excuses


according to my optimistic rationalization style math and logic

knowing the staff

having no other plan

odds were 50/50 at best

 i said nothing to my restaurant

crossed my fingers

flew to dallas

made the fateful call-in from the lone star state


the staff had all shown up that day

for the win!

p.s. don’t try this if you are a doctor

(actually was here)


“never tell me the odds.”

-han solo