A bookshop owner in Southampton, England asked for help to move his library due to high rent and wanted to move the books to the new location. He was surprised by the presence of more than 250 young people, elderly and special needs people who were also involved. They formed a human chain where they took thousands of books and transferred them hand in hand from the old place to the new place at a distance of 500 feet. The job was done in just an hour.

“make it simple but significant.”

-don draper (mad men)




source credit: kalin velkov krasimirov

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  1. Whether you get your news on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper, or online – you will see 98% BAD news. Our world is in shambles. We are all struggling. There is fear and so much sadness.

    That being said, the world needs more stories like this!!! What a wonderful picture of the way things should be! It is nice to see people come together and work together!! Amazing story!!!!

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  2. That certainly put a shine on my day! 🤗 My late husband was a book collector and we moved so many times. It gives me extra appreciation for what a tremendous job that might have been.
    Thanks for the smile. 😊

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