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the moment i hit the ‘update’ button

i am instantly

seized by regret


at some point

in the process

it will get stuck loading

 some passwords won’t survive

random things

will be in different colors

found in new places

new languages could play a role

as i await the update on my updates

the countdown until it’s complete will continue slowly, sporadically, and take until near-forever

but in the end

at least my garage band app will be current and my gas stove controls may be linked to my podcast list

so that’s something.


“to err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.” 

-paul ehlrich (american scientist)



my laptop suddenly went black and i couldn’t do anything to revive it

  soon left in the hands of my local miracle-working tech wizards

the diagnosis wasn’t the best

 it quickly landed in their icu unit

after some long days passed

and lots of finger-crossing

they somehow managed to save it

took it all apart

unwired, rewired, cleaned parts,

twisted things, fidgeted with things, checked things,

moved things, tested things,

put the puzzle all back together

 (the technical play by play)

and wow – it now works

i’m squeamish so i didn’t ask for too many details of the surgery

 the prognosis moving ahead was

“it will last for a while longer”

(like all of us)

 there could be many reasons

why it had a near-death experience

just happy that it’s working and back in action

and that’s a very good thing.

“a lot of people asked me if it was frustrating not having a clear specific diagnosis,

but i didn’t mind. i just chose the most optimistic diagnosis.”

-karen duffy