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blue in the face.


German Town Sees A Smurf Invasion,As Thousands Gather To Break World Record

Participants dressed as Smurfs gathered in an attempt to set the record for the world’s largest meeting of Smurfs in Lauchringen, Germany, on Feb. 16, 2019.They came covered in blue paint, donning red and white hats, nearly 3,000 in all. Their goal was simple: To break the world record for the largest group of people dressed as Smurfs.

The group Dä Traditionsverein organized the event in Lauchringern, Germany on Saturday near the border with Switzerland. They had strict rules: in order to be counted, participants couldn’t show any non-blue skin. They could dress as Papa Smurf — with his trademark red cap and a white beard — or Smurfette, with blonde hair and a white skirt or dress. Normal smurfs were okay, too — but some characters, like the evil wizard Gargamel, were strictly off limits.

The Record Institute for Germany verified that there were 2,762 participants at this event on its website and provided a certificate for participants. Guinness World Records has yet to confirm the feat. The standing record is held by a group of 2,510 people in the United Kingdom in 2009. 

“enough fighting! let’s all have a smurfy day!

-papa smurf






credits: mental floss, clare lombardo, arad weigman, reuters