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high tide.



a lot, a lot, a lot

of rain

the river rose high

up and over

paths washed out

nice to intersect

where the land met the water

with this very happy dad

following his wife and son

in kayaks 

making their way

through what was very recently

a grassy playground

on island park

 paddling through to the river

“ever think you’d find yourself paddling here?”

“no, but i’m so, so happy that i am!”



“celebrate the success of others. high tide floats all ships.”

-susan elizabeth phillips

the heat is on.


(similar to a typical group I saw running into target today)


just a few days to go before christmas

it’s sunny and almost 50 degrees 

in the lower peninsula of michigan

 out come

the shorts, the sandals, the sunglasses, the smiles

the coats stay behind

close your eyes

feels almost like summer

we are a hardy lot. 

“heat is heat.”
-lailah gifty akita

find the safe spot.


after enjoying a day that finally hit a balmy 60 degrees (above zero!)

when home and relaxing at last

the tornado sirens started blasting

tv news was covering the local map live

updating the movement of the storm minute by minute

texts from the sheriffs buzzed saying to take cover.

because i live in an old cottage with no basement to be found

 i went to my safe room (aka the bathroom) to hang out for a while

luckily, my natural survival instincts kicked in

and i took the following items with me to ride out the weather:

phone, laptop. chargers, flashlight, book, hot tea,

and for some unexplained reason –

an uncooked spaghetti squash.

i then decided that i might as well just take a lavender bath

enjoy my book and tea

and let the chips/cottage fall as they may

no worries.

balance was quickly restored

when the weather soon passed us by

and best of all

my spaghetti squash was still intact.


“there is a safe spot within every tornado. my job is to find it.”

-david copperfield




image credit: lush uk



“Hint of spring showing up in upcoming weather pattern”

above is quote from our online paper

at this point in the year

i was really hoping for something more than just a hint. 

seems like a burlesque version of a weather forecast to me

all optimistic style and not much substance.

after giving examples and explaining their reasons,

the article wrapped up with:

“This isn’t a permanent pattern change to feeling like spring. After the weekend we have temperatures dropping back to feeling like winter. If you add 10 to 20 degrees on, it won’t be too cold. It might remind you of spring. Time is on your side if you need spring. Just keep hanging in there.”


“one can never produce anything as terrible and impressive

as one can awesomely hint about.”

h. p. lovecraft






credits: m. torregrossa, mlive




once the rain came

and the temperature rose by 50 degrees

and the snow and ice turned

to slush, and mud, and dirty water

and the discovery of this

brought such a level of joy and celebration

to the sandbox

that it was immeasurable. 

“childhood is messy and beautiful.”

-rachel martin



‘there is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky.’

-percy bysshe shelly

i’m not sure about today’s

hail, rain, snow, sun, wind, lightning, and thunder.

i suppose some could classify these as ‘luster’,

but probably not ‘harmony.’




this suspense is terrible. i hope it will last. – oscar wilde



when my niece and her family

relocated to the midwest



flagstaff, arizona


toledo, ohio

for two years of graduate school

i was excited

to have them nearby


i told them


the beauty of the seasons here


no drama

no wildfires

no scorpions

no excessive heat

no worries


Watch how America is getting frozen from space in this time-lapse 2014-01-06 09-41-26_1389019315311_1954302_ver1.0_640_480

came the polar vortex

and it was so cold

no one could go outside

or navigate

the mountains of snow


and i told them

that this had never happened before

in my living memory

and not to worry

the worst would be over soon

and then



lake erie’s

 toxic algae bloom crisis

no one could drink or bathe

or even boil the water

for days on end

and i told them

i’ve never, ever


experienced this before

in my entire lifetime

and i told them not to worry

the worst would be over soon

and then

came the 5 inches of rain

in just

a few hours

and the floods

and no one could drive their car on the roads

and basements flooded

and you might

have to kayak

through your neighborhood

to get home


and i will tell them

that this

has not happened here

since 1925

before i was alive

and not to worry

the worst will be over soon


i hope they believe me

as we head into autumn

in the beautiful midwest


i am

crossing my fingers


there will be

no earthquakes


volcanic eruptions


a series of rogue sheep attacks

sheep running

and i wonder

if they

are beginning

to doubt my word


one person’s disaster is another person’s talking point.
henry rollins

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