rainy night.


“it was a rainy night. it was the myth of a rainy night.”
― jack kerouac, on the road
oh, how i love rainy nights.

The University of Michigan Bentley Library

 a rainy night on campus. 1909

Photo credit: Daines & Nickels (Ann Arbor, Mich.)


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  1. I sent our cherished rescue mutt Ellie out into our rainy night here last night, Beth, and toweled her off when she came back in from the backyard. I wonder if she pictured it anything like the great archive photo you discovered from U of M above.

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      • Yes, lots of rainy nights..and days..but really only in the winter and springs months. That’s why we’re the Evergreen state. ☺️ We have perfect beautiful summer and fall weather. Last year we had almost 4 months of dry weather.
        In spite of all the rain we get, thunderstorms are very rare..so I really miss those good old fashioned Michigan thunderstorms!
        Sorry for going down a rabbit hole here.

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