*good planets.


good planets are hard to find


on earth day 2023

photo credit: earthtalk


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  1. Are we worthy custodians of this wondrous planet … ?
    “Time Travelers”

    Zap, a herculean lightning bolt precedes an astrological power surge
    Traversing the cobalt skies, like gigantic electric eels
    Vividly scoring chords, to hang our biblical words on
    Like musical sheets on lines of lost dreams and regrets

    Soundwaves echoing, poles apart, going north, south, east, and west
    Conducting iridescent aurora lights over our purple sunset
    Vibrating quasars pulsating from deep inside outer space
    Focusing on the huge magnetic Receiving Dish, signaling “An Arrival”

    Recording a celestial traveler, singing with an angel’s voice
    Resonating sweetly, like Handel’s, Messiah Hallelujah Chorus
    Translated into the universal language of symphonic sound
    Digitally simulcast and televised to the world’s population

    A Super-Sonic Cosmic message to be heard loud and clear
    “We have returned to your degraded planet earth
    to again, bestow upon you, Peace, and Goodwill
    like we have done before, eons of Millenniums ago”

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  2. It would seem that we have been terrible caretakers of this beautiful planet, and nature is having her revenge by turning us all into the trash that we have heaped upon her beautiful oceans and fields.

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  3. Writing about it and singing about it is fine, but it’s not enough. It’s easy to just say, “I can’t do anything great to help.” But it really is the day by day little habits that can help the planet.
    Surely you can think of a couple. Maybe one?

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  4. Catchy song Beth! We were driving out of town yesterday and I commented about all the trash on the sides of the highway. I mentioned to my mother in law my favorite thing to do is to leave a place better than you found it, if only everyone did this. We pick up trash every day in our yard and we are in the country!

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  5. Another one I like is “there is no planet B” My husband (bf at the time), and I attended the first Earth Day celebration in Ann Arbor, Michigan on this day in 1970 and we are still Earth Dayers..I have a photo of two pretty young hippies on that day but I don’t know how to post it here. We are standing next to a river that you may know the name of. Happy Earth Day!

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          • Then it was next to the Huron! Over 50 years ago really stretches my memory! the photo is a classic though..anti-war fatigue jackets, long hair, and my first pair of bell bottoms.! 🙂 At the time, I was living in Ypsilanti going to EMU and my husband was living in Ann Arbor on Washtenaw..There was nothing between the 2 cities..Our two favorite places to go to in A2 were Millers ice cream shop and the Bagel Factory then walk through the Arb. That’s all we could afford. :))
            Happy Earth Day!

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  6. Agreed. One thing people can do is stop buying laundry detergent in plastic jugs. Now there’s a better solution. You can purchase Tru Earth or other products that come as a laundry strip with zero plastic. I hope many people will give this a try.

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