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things that go bump in the night.


a021081such a chilly night

that i

ran up

the stairs

 to my


loft bedroom

with the

slanted ceilings

and i


so happy

to be there

that i

jumped into bed

just like

in the movies

with piles of

warm soft blankets



waiting for me



my head

went first

and i

jumped into

the slanted ceiling


then i

fell into bed

holding my head

and wondering

would i

wake up?

and i

 saw a few stars

though i

 don’t have a skylight

so i

wrote down

two questions

to ask myself

to check on


potential concussion

who is the president?

what is your name?

that’s what

they always ask

in the movies

but i


to wake up

to ask them of myself

and i


to write down the answers


would i

ever know

if i

got them right?


that i

do know for sure


that i

woke up


a  giant bump

of some kind

on my head

don’t let your head get in the way of your hearts direction…

– daniel engelbrecht


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unhappy feet.


the more injuries you get, the smarter you get.
mikhail baryshnikov

yes, it’s a sports injury.

no, i was not

playing in a world cup match

representing the u.s.a.

i was

walking in the house

while singing bohemian rhapsody.

with gusto.

opera style.

a door jumped in my way.

out of nowhere.

now my baby toe is broken.

and feels a little jacked up.

i must be a genius by now.

image credit: nationalgeographic.omc