unhappy feet.



the more injuries you get, the smarter you get.
mikhail baryshnikov

yes, it’s a sports injury.

no, i was not

playing in a world cup match

representing the u.s.a.

i was

walking in the house

while singing bohemian rhapsody.

with gusto.

opera style.

a door jumped in my way.

out of nowhere.

now my baby toe is broken.

and feels a little jacked up.

i must be a genius by now.

image credit: nationalgeographic.omc

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  1. Owww. But it’s a cheap injury (last time I broke a toe, the doctor just said, Let it be.)The picture is super cute – hard to sleep with cold toes. And, oh, the title of your blog seems particularly apt right now.Ha!


    • yes, exactly paul. it’s just taped to the one next to it, have to live with it for a while ) and it’s become apparent that i have to cut back on my opera singing, it’s getting too dangerous.


  2. A little injury can cause big pain, right, Beth? I, too, can be in the Mensa range for little bumps and bruises. For me, it’s tripping while walking and tumbling to the street. I am a getting better at stop, drop and roll, but still … For you, though, a toe stub serious enough to break the little one means you were seriously into that Bohemian Rhapsody. Wow. You were going for your Tony. I hope the limp is gone by Sunday for the little joeys. … 🙂


    • indeed, it can mark, and it’s clear you know from firsthand experience. you are obviously a fellow seasoned (and highly intelligent) seasoned veteran ) yes, i’m hoping for a recovery before the hopping joeys arrive – thanks )


  3. Oh my!! When I was in college I always cranked up Bohemian Rhapsody!! It is the best sing/dance along song…. EVER!! I can’t imagine (well, I can but I shouldn’t. It usually only ends in tears) what your dance looked like. Hair everywhere, I’m guessing. Hope you weren’t texting.

    Get better. You must be one very smart lady.


  4. AY!!! That hurts like craaaaaazy! I’ve broken numerous toes and you really see a lot more than stars and planets when it happens. I almost passed out one of the times from the pain. 😦 Guard it well because re-injuring it is even worse.


  5. What I want to know is why Gusto didn’t tell you the door had opened? I wouldn’t be singing with him again. Try Restraint, he’ll just hum along and move any obstacles. 😉


  6. oh, Beth, we are related! two of my favorite filmic moments are in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and the tv edition of FARGO…Javier Bardem and Billy Bob Thornton glue themselves back together in front of our eyes because they do not DO doctors?


  7. Aww I hate it when that happens…cheeky doors and tables and misc furniture jumping in our paths. How dare they!!

    Sorry you got an owey…but hey singing with gusto is a good way to do it. You could have just done something boring like drop something on it.


  8. I love Baryshnikov, and I especially love that you were lost in Bohemian Rhapsody when the door opened out of nowhere. I’d like to re blog this because it’s totally something I’d do!


    • oh, i’m sure he did. thanks, it’s just a matter of waiting it out now. that’s cool about those two doing a show together, how amazing would that be ? !


  9. Oh no, you broke your pinky toe? I feel your pain, do take care. I have done that three times, it seems silly, really, to stub one’s toe on a piece of furniture or trip and end up with a broken toe. And they can’t do anything to fix them, but as they say, “time heals all wounds.” I hope you’re not too uncomfortable. Good luck, feel better soon!


  10. Reblogged this on Leslie Jo Chase and commented:
    Beth, who writes “I Didn’t Have my Glasses on,” is always fun to read. This particular piece reminded me so much of me that I asked her if I could re-blog it. Of course, being the nice person she is, she said, “Yes!” Does this post remind you of a genius you know?


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  12. It is no fun when the “little piggies” get hurt. Did you know it is common for so many of us ladies to actually have more than one broken toes? Sometimes we have no idea. I want to thank my bed (feet /casters) for mine. Worse, there’s no way to “repair” them when the toes are broken. You just “live” with that. Isn’t that a hoot? So sorry about your mishap, Beth. Feel better soon…


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