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one of my favorite teacher gifts.




the works.


before i left the salon

i booked my next appointment

after discussing what services

i’d be interested in

 as i walked back to my car

i read the receptionist’s summary

of what i’d requested

stated in two words:

“the works”

 i had better plan to be there for a while.


“great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

-samuel johnson



helped my daughter

to pull a dollhouse kit down from the store shelf above

 quite surprised to find

 how heavy it actually was 

just before it crowned me

more surprised than anything

all was well

but as we picked it up

with an alarmed store employee

i happened to notice

a little sticker on the underside that said


 too little, too late. too heavy. 

“heavy is the head that wears the crown”
― wiiliam shakespeare


thor throat.


 on the via rail trip home

i was in the lucky seat

 prepared to wield the mighty hammer

to save us all 

on an as-needed basis

just like thor.

if he was a happy, sleepy woman 

with a scratchy throat

wrapped up in a cozy scarf

 sipping bailey’s and coffee

on a meandering canadian train.

‘courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.’

-carl von clausewitz