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“summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ― william shakespeare



living in a college town

the signs of summer’s close

are always clear


it’s good to see

the students are back in session

making their transition

with a

float down the river kind of day.


what I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it. – juliette binoche



spent the afternoon at

 the rogers centre

in canada

where the

baseball opened with

the official roof report –

‘the roof is open’

 the game began

and we

watched our detroit tigers

get mowed over

by the toronto blue jays

such a game (15-1)


our outfielder even

lost track of

how many outs there were

and forgot to throw the ball back

toronto fans threw out hats

when their player hit 3 home runs

all in the same game


hockey and baseball

blurred lines

in the old hockey tradition

of the hat trick


every opposing starter

got at least on base

giving us the chance

to see their entire roster

all in one game

but the staff and the local fans

were very friendly


except for the guy

who impounded

our piñata head mascot

kind of a chicken

who was meant to be a tiger

(a chi-ger)

upon entering the stadium

lest i possibly wear it

and conceal my identity

but we decided to shake it all off


embrace the huge loss of this game


by enjoying the town

with fans from both sides


our pinata

came right along with us

as we met

a rickshaw driver


a man with a chicken hat

( a kindred spirit who grew up in my hometown)

a street singer with a bag on his head


a sweaty spiderman

a bachelorette partyIMG_0890

 and a band

playing american and canadian covers

so we danced a lot

and passed the piñata on to the band


but upon returning to our hotel

i couldn’t exactly remember

my hotel room number

except for the last two digits

which caused a bit of a logistical issue

so i visited a few floors

on the elevator that only moved

in response to an electronic key swipe

(who knew?)

saw a lot of our beautiful hotel

made friends with the front desk

who made a few phone calls

to my fellow travelers

who mostly had their phones shut off

in this

faraway and friendly foreign land


finally got back into my room

where i soon after

got locked in the glass shower

for a while


relaxed and drifted off to sleep

in my pillowy bed

until there was

a 3am fire alarm (false)

but it was one great day

leading into the next


there certainly was a lot of laughter

i’d say there were

at least

3 major bouts of laughter

all in the same day.


that’s a hat trick.

‘that’s the beauty of sport.

sometimes you laugh,

sometimes you cry.’

– joseph gradual

go north. and then go more north. and just a bit more north yet.



heading to the great white north

speeding on a train


one group of friends

one piñata head

one group of others waiting for us there

and bringing heaps of american spirit to go around.

“the cool thing about being famous is traveling. i have always wanted to travel across seas, like to canada and stuff.”

– britney spears

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i couldn’t unpeach the peaches. – annie dillard


august is national peach month


was my nickname

as a young child


 i’ve happily


as a  grandmother.

it feels like a perfect fit.

i’m celebrating

all month

and beyond.

roxy's (1)

Peach Blueberry Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing.

• 1 cup blueberries
• 2 peaches
• Juice from 1 lime
• 3 Tbsp honey
• Fresh mint leaves

Directions: Wash the blueberries and peaches. Cut the peaches into wedges. Arrange the blueberries and slices of peaches on a platter. Mix the lime juice and honey and drizzle over the fruit. Add fresh mint leaves, sliced thin or whole, and toss everything together. Enjoy.

sunrise paints the sky with pinks

and the sunset with peaches.

Cool to warm.

so is the progression from childhood to old age.

– vera nazarian



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wait, wait!



‘what IS this?!’

‘a typewriter?’

‘i think if i hit these buttons,

the keys will move

and i can give this animal a ride.’


creativity involves breaking out of established patterns

in order to look at things in a different way.

– edward de bono





i’ve found myself

in an

ongoing battle of the wits

with the squirrels

who come to play in my yard

squirrel-crochet-pattern-by-squirrel-picnic (1)

and who

have recently


their games of




up a notch


rearranging the candles

IMG_0878 (1)

messing up the table

eating buds from

the bright green gardenia plant

just as it’s about to bloom

tearing down and making off

with the tiny flags


leaving nothing but

 a trail of snacks behind


i picture them holding secret meetings

inside the knothole

of the big tree out front

assigning jobs

creating new strategies



in their native squirrel language


how to

step up their game


i am

losing the battle




going to

 try to make friends with them


go undercover.

‘right now, we’re just trying to

beat the squirrels to the pine nuts.’

– arlene ward


image credits:,,, those darn squirrels



one hot mess.



made a big pot

of bubbling hot

french onion soup

ladled it into little bowls

topped it with

buttered french bread slices

gruyere cheese

broiled it until it was just so

fully enjoyed it

though i knew

my big pan

was going to be tough to clean 

after caramelizing the onions


cooking it for

such a very long time

to create a rich flavor


after our meal


emptying out

the rest of the soup

i remembered 

an old kitchen trick

 reheat the pan

on low

with a little

water and dish soap

to unstick the brown bits

making for an easier cleanup


went off to work

on an art project

in the other room

music playing

windows open

nice breeze on a hot night

a familiar scent filled the air

wondered why the neighbors

were grilling out so late at night

took a break from the art

to get a drink of water

realized the 


was going on right in my own kitchen


i’d forgotten about

my clever cleanup trick

that was fully in process

the water had cooked down long ago

the pan was almost on fire

inside was black and crackling

IMG_0866i quickly turned off the heat

grabbed the pan

with hot pads

put it into my sink

too hot to add any water

let it cool down overnight

in the morning

finally decided to

tackle the scrubbing job

now made so much harder

with the ultra char-grilled pan

went to pull it out of the sink

it seemed a bit stuck

wrestled with it a bit

finally used all of

my upper body muscle power

snapped it out of there

 flipped it over to see why

it was sticking



it had been so hot

that it had melted right to my sink


and when i yanked it out

it took some of the ceramic with it


i need

a new pan


a new sink


damn, that soup was good.

“the only real stumbling block is fear of failure.

in cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”

― julia child


i’m not confused. i’m just well mixed. – robert frost



so excited!

we put the food together quickly

packed a picnic

headed out to the arboretum

our sanctuary

right in the heart of the city

on a perfect late summer night

to see live opera

performed by

 university music students

found a parking space

how lucky!

hauled out our gear

hiked in a mile

worth it!

found the amphitheater

saw an open space for a great place to sit

our luck just kept getting better!

didn’t hear any music

wondered if we were too early

didn’t see any signs of a musical set-up

didn’t see any people around

walked on a bit


to see if perhaps

the music was

 in another location in the park

i even said,

(a bit indignantly and dismayed),

“the paper said it was on the 23rd at 5:00!”

at that

mg turned his head

looked at me


it was then that i knew

something was wrong

 he calmly mentioned

that it was actually

still the 22nd at the moment

 we were a bit early

24 hours early

but at least we had great seats.

space is the breath of art. – frank lloyd wright



local skater boy

drives around

with his polar bear way up top

just like the north pole

i see him all over town


it makes everyone

who crosses paths with him

smile and turn or cheer or shake their heads

no one fails to react in some way

good or bad

isn’t that what the best art is meant to do?

the entertainment is in the presentation.
– john mctiernan

until we meet again.


outback13-dash6 (1)

after a year

of owning

my car

and driving it

multiple times

most every day

i suddenly noticed


that it was

saying goodbye

to me

as i pulled into the garage

gathered my things


got ready to leave.

my message was

just a little colorful note

left on my dash

placed there

by the subaru’s

electronic heart


for some reason

i sighed



said goodbye back.

and now that i’ve seen it

i’m sure

we’ll be saying goodbye

each and every day

for many, many more years to come.

it’s time to say goodbye,

but I think goodbyes are sad and

i’d much rather say hello.

hello to a new adventure.

– ernie harwell