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i’m not confused. i’m just well mixed. – robert frost



so excited!

we put the food together quickly

packed a picnic

headed out to the arboretum

our sanctuary

right in the heart of the city

on a perfect late summer night

to see live opera

performed by

 university music students

found a parking space

how lucky!

hauled out our gear

hiked in a mile

worth it!

found the amphitheater

saw an open space for a great place to sit

our luck just kept getting better!

didn’t hear any music

wondered if we were too early

didn’t see any signs of a musical set-up

didn’t see any people around

walked on a bit


to see if perhaps

the music was

 in another location in the park

i even said,

(a bit indignantly and dismayed),

“the paper said it was on the 23rd at 5:00!”

at that

mg turned his head

looked at me


it was then that i knew

something was wrong

 he calmly mentioned

that it was actually

still the 22nd at the moment

 we were a bit early

24 hours early

but at least we had great seats.


space is the breath of art. – frank lloyd wright



local skater boy

drives around

with his polar bear way up top

just like the north pole

i see him all over town


it makes everyone

who crosses paths with him

smile and turn or cheer or shake their heads

no one fails to react in some way

good or bad

isn’t that what the best art is meant to do?

the entertainment is in the presentation.
– john mctiernan

until we meet again.


outback13-dash6 (1)

after a year

of owning

my car

and driving it

multiple times

most every day

i suddenly noticed


that it was

saying goodbye

to me

as i pulled into the garage

gathered my things


got ready to leave.

my message was

just a little colorful note

left on my dash

placed there

by the subaru’s

electronic heart


for some reason

i sighed



said goodbye back.

and now that i’ve seen it

i’m sure

we’ll be saying goodbye

each and every day

for many, many more years to come.

it’s time to say goodbye,

but I think goodbyes are sad and

i’d much rather say hello.

hello to a new adventure.

– ernie harwell

sometimes I think that there’s a fine line between impressionistic and messy. – lady gaga


while b and j

were in my care today

it was real hot outside

so we walked up to the ice cream store

dragging long sticks along the ground

jumping down the sidewalk

 when i got a little lost

b said,

“maybe you’re taking the LONG shortcut”

yes, that’s it exactly


last thing i remember their dad saying

before he left was

“make sure they don’t get messy. we’re heading to a party as soon as i get home.”

well it kind of went bad in that department real fast

 we took the short shortcut home

tossed acorns pinecones pebbles

onto the street

 washed hands face arms legs shoes clothes phone and glasses

so much sweaty sticky fun.

see any detour as an opportunity to experience new things.
– h. jackson brown, jr.

roller coaster math.


what do you think, little f,

should we have another baby one day ?


why not?

because of the roller coaster.


the roller coaster.


because then you’d have 3

and someone would always

have to sit alone.

yes, i see now.

life is a roller coaster; you can either scream every time you hit a bump

or you can throw your hands up in the air and enjoy! 

– author unknown  

image credit: the coaster


we didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time. ~ vince lombardi




detroit lions

played the new york jets

in a pre-season matchup

and i had the chance

to share the seats

with one of my grandies, (m)

at his first american football game





 wore the colors

ate stadium food



and in the end

we won

even though

 it was a bit different

from his

aussie rules football

no shorts

but lots of pads

coney dogs and pizza


heaps of breaks in the action.

welcome to america.

the trouble with referees is that they just don’t care which side wins.”

~tom canterbury