sometimes I think that there’s a fine line between impressionistic and messy. – lady gaga


while b and j

were in my care today

it was real hot outside

so we walked up to the ice cream store

dragging long sticks along the ground

jumping down the sidewalk

 when i got a little lost

b said,

“maybe you’re taking the LONG shortcut”

yes, that’s it exactly


last thing i remember their dad saying

before he left was

“make sure they don’t get messy. we’re heading to a party as soon as i get home.”

well it kind of went bad in that department real fast

 we took the short shortcut home

tossed acorns pinecones pebbles

onto the street

 washed hands face arms legs shoes clothes phone and glasses

so much sweaty sticky fun.

see any detour as an opportunity to experience new things.
– h. jackson brown, jr.

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  1. Ha! Too great Beth. Kids being their true selves – the long shortcut. Love it. I think the young lady’s idea of getting her ice cream in a cup when it is that hot, is brilliant. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. I trust you got all your grandie washing done before the parents returned home. It would be too funny to have the kids in underwear when the parents returned. It would be Karma to have your kids berating you for not keeping their kids clean when you KNEW they were going out after. Ha!

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  2. When my younger brother and I would go out rambling the hills of Donegal in Ireland on holidays we’d come back in some state. As my mum began to give out my grandmother would begin to clean us and say, ‘It’s clean dirt, don’t worry’.
    Lovely post and the photos set the scene very well!

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  3. Sweaty, sticky fun is absolutely the best! Glad you had a great day with your littles… me and mine went to the fish store. Not quite as exciting, but we did manage to have a great time anyway. I meant to take them out for lunch, but they preferred beans on toast at Nanny’s house instead. Go figure!! 🙂 love them…

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      • I so agree. Several of us were sitting around talking about childhood memories with grandparents and aunts and uncles the other night and the ones that always came up on top were the simple joys and hours of delight extended family members and other important people in our lives gave us. They gave of themselves and not just a box of some fancy storebought toy. It’s love and attention that goes into these simple pleasures that nurture children into being responsible citizens of tomorrow. Keep going. I love, love your stories. I so wish Tom’s youngest grandson were able to spend a significant part of his summer with us. Nate has never gotten to know his grandfather due to Tom’s illness and I so want that to happen. I’m still working on the logistics but his mother isn’t making it easy.


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