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*National Park Service warning that begins,

“Most squirrel bites originate at the front, or “bite-y end,” of the squirrel.”

Most? Yeah, most. Wanna fight about it? In general, it’s best not to be in contact with any part of a wild animal. 

Let’s be honest, squirrels can be cute and fluffy (if not friend, why friend shaped?) therefore, people don’t usually mind them getting too close. But cuteness fades when a squirrel bites your hand, steals your car keys, and floors it out of the park with all your food in tow. Um, was Grandma in the car? 

We kid about the keys and driving, (that’d be nuts), but squirrel bites really can happen at parks. Best to keep hands and fingers away from bitey ends. Feeding human food to any wildlife is bad for them and makes them fearless and potentially aggressive.

In conclusion, squirrels may not know better, but YOU do. Although it may feel flattering, (well, aren’t you the animal whisperer) if any kind of wildlife approaches you, back away and maintain that safe distance. It’s your responsibility and your safety —help us keep wildlife wild. Has anyone seen our car keys? 

*i’m such a fan of the national park service’s humorous approach to warning the public about the creatures in their parks. humans need reminders from time to time. 

“this town is infested with squirrels, have you noticed?”
“i’d rather say it’s rich with squirrels.”
― elizabeth mckenzie, the portabel vebl